Advent Reflections 2020 Introduction

St Michaels and All Angels Advent Reflection Series 2020.



Advent is the beginning of the liturgical year, and the word Advent derives its meaning from the Latin word “adventus” meaning arrival, approach. The season of Advent is a time, of Preparation, Anticipation, Worship, and Contemplation as we await the arrival of Our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Through the next four weekly reflections we are going to look at these aspects of Advent in relation to Mary the Mother of Christ.

Mary is held in varying regard as to her importance within the Christian world, but whichever school of thought you may come from the fact remains Mary was our Saviours mother. Within this reflection, threads are drawn from many different Christian traditions, therefore some may comfort you, some may inspire you, others may challenge you.

After each reflection I suggest a time of quietness and contemplation, you may like to focus on the picture which accompanies each reflection. We then finish with a prayer offering.

The preparations for Christmas in the shops seem to begin earlier every year, the first Christmas cards I saw out this year were in the first week of September! However for some Christian communities formal preparations commence on the 8th of September. Therefore our first session is that of Preparation.

I do hope that in all the busyness of preparing for Christmas in what are difficult and strange times, these reflections will help you spend a little time each week in personal prayerfull anticipation of the greatest gift we can receive, Our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Blessings, Revd Debbie

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