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A selection of seasonal images created by members of St. Michael's congregation

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The theme for February is 'Spring is just around the corner'

Weedonhill Wood, 20 February - Photograph taken by Roland Gillott


Glenys McHale - A Wheelbarrow of Flowers


Glenys McHale - Wheelbarrow of Flowers




Linda Hillen - Spring Flowers


Sandra Tomerly - Daffodills


Sandra Tomerly - A Glass Jar of Bluebells

Pop In and Paint's topic for January was 'New Beginnings' Many of the pictures below are interpretations of this theme.

January paintings

Glenys McHale - Peter Rabbit 

Rosalie Field- Irises 

Rosalie Field - Daffodil


Liz Grammenos - Snowdrops

Valerie Ferris - Snowdrops 


Joy Johns - Enjoying the Sea


Sue Keet- Dancing Dog


Pam Dodd - Spring Flowers


Lai Ping - 

                                                                                  Lilies in a Vase                                                        Snowy Garden



Peter Thatcher - New Beginnings

Liz Wilson - Kingfisher


Peter Jones - Piano Practice


Lai Ping - Winter walk


Rev Debbie -  Cross stitched Christmas stocking for her grandson


Bluebird - Glenys McHale




                                                                                              Baby Birds - Sandra Tomerly



A selection of Winter Paintings - Liz Grammenos



Peter Jones - St Cein's Church, Langeinor