The Psalms

Following our two series of reflections, the 'Footsteps of Christ' and 'A Witness to Risen Life', we are now offering a series of reflections on the Psalms. For us today, the psalms at the Eucharist are used to illustrate and develop further the theme of the readings and the seasons of the Church's year.

The series is being made available over a period of several weeks so the individual reflections will be available below as they are published. It is suggested that you start with the Introduction then either follow through in the orderof publication or select from the list below.

Psalm 47                                                Psalm 93

Psalm 1                                                  Psalm 4

Psalm 8                                                  Psalm 19

Psalm 23                                                Psalm 24

Psalm 27                                                Psalm 34

Psalm 40                                                Psalm 46


Reflections on the Psalms - Introduction
An introduction to this series of reflections