Yoga with Shiv Sharma

Yoga with Shiv Sharma (07815132157) Tuesdays - 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Science based approach, open to all.

Shiv Sharma

Shiv began Yoga as a child in India alongside his five siblings. He studied with Mr Iyengar, and qualified as a teacher in 1980, since that time he has taught Yoga at work and in private classes. He frequently visits Greece to give Yoga seminars and has been delivering workshops in N. Ireland for a number of years.

Being a research scientist, Shiv applies a good dollop of rationale to yoga practice - rejecting the illogical and enhancing the valuable. You will be encouraged to find the limits of your capability - strength, flexibility, endurance and concentration.

Yoga isn’t competitive, rather what can be done now, by you under the present circumstances; not waiting for the ideal conditions. Everyone practices to their own ability and importantly no less.

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