Church at Home

During the current public health emergency, services at St. Michael's and other churches have been suspended. During this period, a shortened recorded service will be available each Sunday at A printed order of  the same service for those who prefer this format, or wish to use it to follow the ‘podcast’  please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the appropriate date to open this week's service, or follow this link.

In addition to this fixed content, there will also be a weekly reflection provided by a member of the clergy team.

Reflection - June 21st    - Matthew 10 24-39 (Rom 6 1b-11 & Jer 20 7-13) 

Reflection - June 14th    - Exodus 19, 2-8a, Psalm 100, Matthew 9, 35-10,8

Reflection - June 7th      - Matthew 28 16-20 (Isaiah 40 12-17, 27-end & 2 Cor 13 11-end)

Reflection - May 31st     - Acts 2, 1-21, Reference to Psalm 104, John 20, 19-23











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Sunday 26th July 2020

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