St. Michael's during the Covid-19 outbreak


Easter at St. Michael's

The Church is currently closed in accordance with government instructions so there will be no services on Sundays or weekdays for the forseeable future. Although it is no longer possible for individuals to come inside, a single candle is being kept burning in the entrance porch for all to see.

If you need pastoral support of any kind please contact the clergy or the church office.

A shortened recorded service is available each Sunday at A printed order of  the same service for those who prefer this format, or wish to use it to follow the ‘podcast’ can be found here. Please follow the link to open this week's service.

. Details of streamed services from around the Diocese can be found at  

Candle Prayer

Dear God, the candle we have lit represents each and every one of us whose lives have been touched and changed by the Corona virus. The light reminds us of Jesus Christ, Your Son, who is the light of the world and the light in our darkness. Give us, we pray, comfort in our anxiety and fear, courage and strength in our suffering, patience and compassion in our caring and consolation in our grief. But above all, give us hope now and always, through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Let’s live hopefully, love generously and pray earnestly, blessing each other by the way we behave. Stay calm and let those who are in high-risk groups or self-isolating know that you care for them. Phone calls, messages, letters, cards, food left on the doorstep are all signs of us being community together.