Regular activities in St Michael's Church Hall

A number of regular groups run activities in St. Michael's Church Hall, some of which are included in the list below:

Mon-Fri                  Montessori Nursery  

                                9.15am—12.15pm  + Wednesday afternoon until 2.45pm (Tel: 01753 891613)  

Mondays                Mature Movers   1.45pm—2.45pm

                                Amersham Dance Studio Children from 3+.  4pm—10pm


Tuesdays                Tuffney Performing Arts Academy  4.30pm

                                Yoga with Shiv  5.30pm-7pm (Science based approach, open to all. Tel: 07815132157). 

Wednesdays          Karate Club  7pm—8pm (Tel: 07951 024 397)

                                Badminton Club  8.15pm—10.15 pm (Tel: 01923 264791).

Thursdays              Amersham Dance Studio Children from 3+.  4pm—10pm


Fridays                   Stay Steady, Stay Strong 11.30pm—2.30pm & 2:45pm—3:45pm (Tel: 07951 294178)

                                Karate Club  7pm—8 pm (Tel: 07951 024 397)

Saturdays               Popstars Academy  9.30am—12pm (email: 

If you would like to find out more about what is going on please click the individual pages. Please note that St. Michael and All Angels are not responsible for any incorrect info/content etc. that you might find here.

If you would like to become a regular hirer of the hall or any of the other spaces we have available, please see Hiring St. Michael's for Community Events.

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